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Do you have a recreational vehicle that you are driving across the country continually? If you are, you are likely to use a substantial amount of water each day. You will travel from location to location, hooking up to the water, yet it is the hot water which can be very problematic. If you have a standard water heater, it could take a substantial amount of time to get it up to a higher temperature at each stop. This problem is eliminated almost completely when using a heater. There are some that recommend a 110 V tankless water heater if you own an RV.

rv tankless water heaters

Is This The Best One For A Standard RV?

What is unique about these particular models is that they are very cost-effective. They do not produce as much hot water per minute, but it is more than enough for use in a recreational vehicle. The price point for many of these is just a few hundred dollars. The amount of electricity that you will use is quite minimal. In particular, all of the 110 V tankless water heaters are priced to sell. You can find many of the top ones available on well-known websites. Top brands such as IHeat, EcoSmart, and many others are right around the $100 price point.

Would You Need More Than One?

It is unlikely that you would need more than one of these in a standard RV. The amount of water that you will use for showering, washing dishes, and just washing your hands is going to be very small. It is unlikely that people will be showering while you are washing the dishes. However, since these are tankless water heaters, you may want to consider installing one at each location. The low price point makes this possible which is in stark contrast to what you can do with tankless water heaters for a home. Therefore, if you want the added convenience of not having to worry about using hot water at different locations in the RV with 110v types, multiple installations would be a good idea.

tankless water heaters for rv

What Should You Know About These Before You Buy One?

The benefits of owning these are numerous. You should know that they are very inexpensive. They are also very easy to install. Some of them will have digital readouts that can help you set the temperature and also verify that there is nothing wrong. The more expensive models will have digital displays which can be very convenient. However, it is still highly recommended that you find a professional that can install this for you.

Traveling throughout the country is a wonderful pastime. Whether you are retired, or going on vacation, having access to hot water in your RV is absolutely essential. Once you have reached each of your destinations, by having one or more of these installed, you will always have plenty of hot water. If you decide to get a 110 V tankless water heater, this will be a very wise investment of your money. It will make your travels much more pleasant, plus you will save a substantial amount of money by doing your research prior to making the purchase.